Jan 012013


Are you READY?????  We Are!!!!!

Are you READY????? We Are!!!!!

Beginning January 1st 2013, every class on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday will be a Ramping Up Program. The only exception is the first week of January (1st-4th) will be Tuesday/Thursday/Friday because of the new year. It is important for new members to be there on each of the 9 sessions (3 weeks) to establish the foundation of what they will be using in the group classes. We strongly encourage every member to attend, even if you have previous CrossFit experience. Everyone will benefit. January 21st will begin the first regular full class schedule and we will be adding and re-evaluating the Ramping Up sessions as demand changes. Again, if you do not see a class time that suits you, please ask. If you are unable to make it the first week there WILL be more Ramping Up programs, however it is best if you can start with the rest of the group. Experienced CrossFitters that have been cleared by a trainer may also attend the regular class times on the other days of the week. Also be aware that every new member will be screened with the FMS during the ramping up program, this is included with your membership. If you have any additional questions, please call (559) 372-9264, or email info@ny-123.com.

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