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Sawtooth CrossfitSawtooth Crossfit  is a 5,000 square foot Strength and Conditioning Facility and USA Weightlifting Barbell Club located in Visalia, CA. We teach many methodologies, including CrossFit methodology. We take our training seriously and pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of coaching to our members.

We in offer the best equipped CrossFit Affiliate in the area, including  top of the line equipment from Rogue Fitness and Functional Equipment, several thousand pounds of bumper plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, several rowing machines, two Olympic Weightlifting platforms, and a 64 foot infinity rig.

Our strength and conditioning program is geared towards ultimate performance and best results. We utilize the CrossFit methodology as our primary conditioning program and add in components of strength, stability, endurance, and skills based training to create the ultimate program . We believe that CrossFit is a piece of the overall puzzle and there are many types of fitness programs that are effective. What we have done is take the best of all of it and put it together in a great strength and conditioning programming for all different skill levels.

Our community is one of support and camaraderie. All we ask is you give it your maximum physical and psychological limitation every time, whatever level that is!!! We are here to get you ready for LIFE!!! It’s about you and your goals!!!

Our Members are firefighters, soccer moms, military personnel, business professionals, police officers, parents, paramedics, and regular people just like you. You are not just another faceless individual. We train from the beginning exercise enthusiast to athletes training for the CrossFit Games.


We offer several programs to achieve your goals

CrossFit Affiliate:
Regular group classes offered daily.

We are an official USA Weightlifting Barbell Club. Our USAW coaches program additional “Weightlifting” workouts typically in 6 or 12 week cycles to improve your Clean, Jerk, and Snatch with the intent to compete in the sport of weightlifting.

Regionals/TEAM Training:
Advanced athletes looking to take the next step in training for Regionals competition.

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